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by Douglas Azar - Art specialist:

Stefanie's works could be summarized by the quote from Georgia O'Keeffe "I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn't say any other way - things I had no words for."

Stefanie is French. While raised in Paris, she seems bound to the Middle East. She spent her early years in Kuwait and moved back 11 years ago to Dubai where she currently dedicates her time to painting.

Her first demonstration of interest in painting and artistic works came at an early stage when Stefanie, 6 years old, stole money from her Dad's wallet to secretly buy some color pens. Many years later, in what Sigmund Freud would have easily depicted as an "acte manqué", she helped her best friend enroll into the well-known Art School "Penninghen". Since her father talked her out from pursuing art studies, Stefanie decided to indulge in Accounting and Law.
Stefanie symbolically started translating her art interest into action, right after she gave birth to her daughter Zoe, also projecting her next move in a new apartment in the Montmartre district. Wanting to bring a more colorful tone to the apartment but at the same time unwilling to change the white color of the walls, she opted for monochrome canvases so as to enhance the color and space of the rooms. As a result, she initiated her works with monochromes and rapidly discovered the benefits of adding additional color and matters to give life to the painting.

Her first step into the exhibition world took place in Paris in the early 2000s when she displayed her work at a friend trendy restaurant "the Zo". Admirers didnt take long to gather and immediately greet her. People from Sotheby's were particularly attracted in her genuine and colorful early piece of work.

She then participated in a group exhibition at the prestigious One & Only Royal Mirage (Dubai) where she exposed works from her early period.
She also had a solo retrospective at the Hotel Coral Dubai where she sold off most of her works.

Her quest is an ultimate search for beauty but what Stefanie is trying to reveal is what is hidden in all of us. She plays along with forms, colors and shapes for emotions to burst and life to spring out of the canvas. She does so with a sophisticated technique of flattening space and utilizing color fields and patterns to give illusions of depth and dimension. This gives her work an invigorated feel with limitless creative bounds.
Vibrating with vivid and colorful cubist forms, each shape is different from the next. The result is a geometric space in which squares or circles intersect, dance and collapse upon each other. There is no rationality or precise geometry but rather an explosion of colors which gives the viewer a down to earth feeling of joy.

Stefanie is a sensitive person who strongly believes in differentiating the beautiful from the magnificent. She is seeking to extract the genuine cosmetics out of shapes and colors and provoke the viewer into giving way to his emotions and thoughts of well-being. Her paintings provide a sense of harmony and fulfillment that cannot be explained, but journeys itself straight into the inner soul of the viewer.
Large-scale works are used in order to overwhelm the viewer, to make him feel enveloped within the painting and multiply the feeling of peacefulness that the piece conveys.

She likes to describe her works as decorative but the reality is that it is much more than that and don't try to ask her about the meaning of her paintings unless you want to be faced with the burden of having to answer the question yourself. If you deserve to be one of her collector then you will have to figure out the true meaning of the work on your own.


When I start a canvas, I sense that I want to play with specific colors. I don't know in advance what will come out of that, I just begin to mix my colors and slowly I have the feeling that I take possession of the canvas, or is it that the canvas is taking possession of me?

Through the first colors and shadows, a new world, a new dream is taking shape in front of my eyes. I will then use any kind of material, texture, color, pigment or spice to bring out all the emotions born of that first impression and imprint them on my painting. I feel that there is a real relationship between my canvas and myself even if I need to struggle with materials to give them a unity which will create a piece of art. Painting may be my way of connecting to the universe and the viewer who will dive into my painting will have another kind of relationship with my artwork. Everyone should see a reflection of their own emotions, of their own angels and demons. The geometry of the shapes reminds the architecture of the soul.

When asked what did you want to express? I like to answer: what do you see? What story does this artwork whisper to your soul?

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